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Too Academic? Too Hard to Pronounce? The Un/familiar Language of Pedagogy

Jun 13, 2022

In working with educators and student educators, authors ECPN Co-Directors Veronica Pacini-Ketchebaw and Kathleen Kummen often hear about struggles with language. Concepts such as pedagogy, colonialism, neoliberalism, and common worlds are terms used in the BC Early Childhood Pedagogy Network (ECPN) that are often met with hesitation. They are words that do not feel “natural” to many educators, yet we see them as vital to the project of early education. In this article, we want to open a conversation by arguing that reading difficult texts is worth the struggle.

The Role of the Early Childhood Educator in British Columbia

Mar 1, 2022

"View ECEBC's position paper on the Role of the Early Childhood Educator in British Columbia. This position paper is a visionary document that disrupts and reinvents the traditional language of early childhood education. In doing so, it is intended to shift dominant narratives of early education and inspire thoughtful dialogues with early childhood educators about the lively potentialities of their evolving role." (ECEBC, 2022)

What is the role of a pedagogist?

Pedagogists promote situated, dialogic, transformative pedagogies. Read More.

What are ways of nurturing pedagogical projects in early childhood spaces?

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