Situated Pedagogical Projects

Pedagogists design and nurture pedagogical projects within local contexts that are deeply responsive to the conditions of our times. These projects are situated in the social, political, cultural, linguistic and material lifeworlds of communities.

Dialogical Pedagogical Projects

These pedagogical projects are designed through a deep engagement with pedagogical narrations. Through this dialogical curriculum-making process, pedagogists create spaces for educators to consider how to live well with young children (Vintimilla & Pacini-Ketchabaw, 2017).

Transformative Pedagogical Projects

Embedded within the role of pedagogists is a commitment to transforming structures and habits in early childhood education that are rooted in developmentalism and other Euro-Western dominant discourses. Pedagogists generate pedagogies that promote livable futures.

Pedagogists join early childhood centres and invite educators, families and communities to ask questions such as:

  • What conditions are we living in that we want to interrupt?
  • What conditions are we living in that we want to foster?
  • How do these conditions and their legacies implicate educators / children / early education?
  • How might we, using pedagogical narrations, make curriculum to engage children in creating livable lives together?