Presenter Bios:

Iryna Mykhaylova immigrated to Canada 13 years ago with her family from the Ukraine. Inspired by her children’s preschool teacher she decided to pursue a career in early childhood education. She has been a mentor for over five years, challenging new early childhood education students to think deeply about their work with children and families.

Katina D’Onofrio was an early childhood education assistant for 12 years. Seeking to improve her professionalism in the field, she completed her ECE training this past year. She continues to discover new things about herself and her practice as she learns alongside children, families and educators.

Michelle Pierce has been working in a variety of positions in the early years field for the last 20 years. A Selkirk College alumni, she is now teaching in the ECCE program. In her role as an ECPN faculty pedagogist, she shares her passion for pedagogical narrations as a way to collect traces of learning and engage in reflective practice.