Aleksandra Maric Profile Photo

Aleksandra Maric

Vancouver Society of Children's Centres

Inspired by the work of the Common World Research Collective, particularly as related to children's common worlds relations with the material world, space, and other species, Aleksandra is committed to creating early childhood spaces as sites of ethical practice through a collective, collaborative, and relational process.

April Martin-Ko Profile Photo

April Martin-Ko

Britannia Community Services Centre

April brings 25 years of community engagement work with families and young children; additionally, her explorations as artist and M.A. student propel her to think with relational dialogues that unfold within Living Inquiry and the ethical considerations that sit within these contextual encounters.

Chelsea Hann Profile Photo

Chelsea Hann

YMCA of Northern BC Child Care Resource and Referral

Living on the lands of the Lheidli T’enneh in Prince George, Chelsea has a decade of experience working with children and families. Bringing a passion for local knowledges and storytelling into her role, Chelsea’s work with centres currently spans a territory of 600km2, supporting five rural communities across Northern BC.

Chivonne Graff Profile Photo

Chivonne Graff

Victoria Child Care Resource and Referral

Chivonne is grateful to have been an early childhood educator of 28 years living and working on the ancestral homelands of the Esquimalt and Songhees First Nations, a Lekwungen speaking people. As a pedagogist, she is committed to Truth and Reconciliation and considering the TRC Calls to Action in early childhood contexts.

Courtney Amber Profile Photo

Courtney Amber

Delta / Surrey Child Care Resource and Referral

Having worked in early childhood for eight years, Courtney is committed to pedagogies concerning ecology, classroom rhythms and rituals, and gender performativity.

Dana Lee Profile Photo

Dana Lee

West Kootenays Child Care Resource and Referral

Dana has been working in the field of education in various capacities for 18 years. She is committed to envisioning curriculum, which brings early childhood educators and children to exist as thinking subjects in early childhood spaces in British Columbia.

Deb Thompson Profile Photo

Deb Thompson

UBC Child Care Services

Deb works in a pedagogical leadership role as the Associate Director of Programs at UBC CCS. Challenging developmentalism, as the foundational theory in early childhood education, guides her thinking about early years pedagogies.

Elena Kropova Profile Photo

Elena Kropova

Westcoast Child Care Resource and Referral

Having a background in natural science teaching, Elena worked as an early childhood educator for twelve years before becoming a pedagogist; she is committed to fostering learning environments that allow children’s experimental encounters with humans and more-than-humans.

Erin Bowman Profile Photo

Erin Bowman

UBC Child Care Services

With a background in visual arts, Erin brings a passion for the creative process. She is committed to collaborative relationships between children, educators, families and non-human beings.

Frances Smyth Profile Photo

Frances Smyth

West Kootenay Child Care Resource and Referral

With a background in Sociology and having worked in various roles with infants and toddlers, Frances is committed to fostering caring relationships with our environment by foregrounding the spaces we inhabit, the materials we interact with, and the more-than-human others around us in her pedagogical projects with children and educators.

Friday Bailey Profile Photo

Friday Bailey

Smithers Child Care Resource and Referral

Friday is an early childhood educator who is interested in imagining possibilities for justice-doing. Friday is grateful to work alongside educators in northwest BC, on the unceded traditional territory of the Ts'msyen peoples.

Gloria Albarracin Profile Photo

Gloria Albarracin

YMCA of Northern BC Child Care Resource and Referral

Born and raised in Honduras, Gloria has been in the early childhood field for 15 years. She is committed to social justice for humans and nonhumans.

Golda Lewin Profile Photo

Golda Lewin

Westcoast Child Care Resource and Referral

Golda is dedicated to an ongoing collective and contextual (re)imagining and (re)composing for just relations within and beyond early childhood communities. She is a white feminist settler living and learning gratefully with her family on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Musqueam people.

Haideh Hashemi Nouri Profile Photo

Haideh Hashemi Nouri

North Shore Child Care Resource and Referral

Haideh has worked in various capacities as an early childhood educator on Vancouver’s North Shore. Thinking with ‘living well together’ within our diverse context, Haideh is committed to create pedagogical spaces for collective and reflective dialogue with educators towards a curriculum that is responsive and relational, inclusive and equitable."

Ildikó Danis Profile Photo

Ildikó Danis

South Island ECEBC Branch

Ildikó has been in the early childhood field for 21 years. She attends to stories and events that evolve by chance in the themes of children’s relations with other species, with material worlds, and with place.

Janel Viaje Profile Photo

Janel Viaje

Abbotsford Child Care Resource and Referral

In her new role as a pedagogist, and having worked in early childhood education for almost 15 years, Janel is excited to direct her passion in reimagining possibilities in early childhood education.

Janet Lacroix Profile Photo

Janet Lacroix

Sunshine Coast Child Care Resource and Referral

Janet has been working in the field of early childhood education for three decades and holds an MEd in Early Childhood Education from the University of British Columbia. She brings a life-long passion for supporting the well-being of young children within a thriving world and her practice embraces ethical considerations of care and collective empowerment for the flourishment of all beings.

Jiyeon Kim Profile Photo

Jiyeon Kim

Child Care Options Child Care Resource and Referral

Thinking with postmodern theories, Jiyeon Kim, M.A. situates her work with the community of Surrey. Recognizing Surrey’s diverse ethnicity and socio-cultural differences, her pedagogical work with educators is focused on creating inclusive, deeply responsive pedagogical spaces in the early childhood education.

Karen Boley Profile Photo

Karen Boley

Child Care Options Child Care Resource and Referral

Karen seeks to collaborate with educators in the co-creation of a more inclusive society using Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and by challenging social inequality through arts-based pedagogies.

Karen Rodden Profile Photo

Karen Rodden

Karen (she/her) is an artist and early childhood educator occupying space on unceded W̱SÁNEĆ territory. She is committed to disrupting and reimagining colonial societal structures, ways of sharing knowledge, and being in relationship with the land.

Kirsten MacDougall Seiler Profile Photo

Kirsten MacDougall Seiler

Early Childhood Educators of BC - Terrace Branch

Kirsten brings 30 years of experience as an early childhood educator and is passionate about pedagogical engagement.

Kristin Webster Profile Photo

Kristin Webster

Sea to Sky Community Services Child Care Resource and Referral Centre

Kristin has been an Early Childhood Educator for over 30 years, currently completing her BECEd at Capilano University, with plans to continue with her master's at UBC or UVIC. As the community pedagogist for the Sea to Sky communities, she considers how reimagining our relationship to land/place may enliven our pedagogies through thinking alongside other knowledges and perspectives.

Kwang Dae (Mitsy) Chung Profile Photo

Kwang Dae (Mitsy) Chung

Westcoast Child Care Resource and Referral

Kwang Dae (Mitsy) Chung recently graduated with an MA from UBC and has been an early childhood educator for over 15 years. Her primary focuses and practices are a pedagogy of listening and attunement through young children’s drawings, aesthetic art and play.

Leigh Kweon Profile Photo

Leigh Kweon

Kiwassa Neighbourhood Services Association

Leigh is dedicated to reimagining early learning as collective and relational lived experiences in locally situated contexts, where theory and practice simultaneously shape the learning journey.

Lyndsay Spencer Profile Photo

Lyndsay Spencer

YMCA of Northern BC Child Care Resource and Referral

As a Northern pedagogist, Lyndsay has lived most of her life on the lands of the L’heidli T’enneh First Nations, now known as Prince George. She brings almost 15 years of experience working and collaborating with educators, children, families, students and communities of the North.

Maria Jeong Profile Photo

Maria Jeong

North Shore Neighbourhood House

Maria focuses her work from feminist perspectives and is excited to collaborate with the educators, children, and the North Shore community.

Mary Songyi Kim Profile Photo

Mary Songyi Kim

YMCA of Greater Vancouver Child Care Resource and Referral

Mary has been living and working with families and young children in the Burnaby community for over ten years and is looking forward to engaging in multiple and contextual conversations as a pedagogist. She is pursuing a master’s degree in early childhood education at Western University.

Maryam Nadaf Profile Photo

Maryam Nadaf

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House

Passionate about social justice and its political discourses, Maryam’s interests lie in the pedagogical possibilities of the interconnectedness of living & nonliving beings in public, community-based spaces.

Megan MacDonald Profile Photo

Megan MacDonald

North Shore Child Care Resource and Referral

With over 20 years of relationships and experience in early childhood education, Megan brings a grateful heart and mind bursting with joy, wonder and excitement about the possibilities for transformative change in this role as pedagogist.

Melanie Walters Profile Photo

Melanie Walters

UBC Child Care Services

As a recent UBC graduate (MA in ECE) and in her role as a program manager and emerging pedagogist at UBC CCS, Melanie focuses her attention on collaborations with educators and children that cultivate curiosity and deep thinking with materials, places and ideas, generating complex pedagogical projects and narrations.

Natsuko Motegi Profile Photo

Natsuko Motegi

YMCA of Greater Vancouver Child Care Resource and Referral

After obtaining a Master’s degree from UBC, Natsuko worked in the Early Childhood Education field for two decades in various capacities as an IT educator, a preschool teacher, and an ECE instructor. She embraces pedagogical narration as a place to engage educators, children and their families in collaborative dialogue.

Shenuri Nugawila Profile Photo

Shenuri Nugawila

Westcoast Child Care Resource and Referral

Shenuri has worked within the field of early childhood education both as an educator and a children’s librarian for the past 10 years. As a pedagogist with the Early Childhood Pedagogy Network, she is excited to collaborate with the Westcoast CCRR community to consider the many pedagogical possibilities for transforming and reimagining early childhood education.

Sherlana Schroeder Profile Photo

Sherlana Schroeder

South Peace Child Care Resource and Referral

Sherlana has been working in Early Childhood for 8 years and is passionate about weaving land-based knowledge alongside educators within her pedagogical work.

Shirley-Ann Royer Profile Photo

Shirley-Ann Royer

PacificCARE Childcare Resource and Referral

Shirley-Ann has worked in the field of early childhood education for over 30 years. Her diverse life experiences and background in visual arts combine in her commitment to shifting perspectives through aesthetic languages.

Taylor Kriese Profile Photo

Taylor Kriese

Maple Ridge Child Care Resource and Referral

Taylor has worked in the field as an educator for the last 6 years. She is committed to a pedagogy of listening, with children, educators, families and the non human world in her role as a pedagogist.

Teresa Smith Profile Photo

Teresa Smith

Kamloops Child Care Resource and Referral, Secwepemcùlewc

I aim to cultivate collaborative relationships with educators, families, children and my pedagogist colleagues, to think otherwise about children and childcare, and co-build a community where all children can flourish.