Adrienne Argent Profile Photo

Adrienne Argent

Capilano University

In her pedagogist role, whether she is thinking alongside children, educators or ECCE students she is always concerned with the co-creation of inventive and evolving pedagogies that are situated and responsive to the times we are currently living within.

Antje Bitterberg Profile Photo

Antje Bitterberg

Vancouver Island University

As a faculty member, Antje strives to create spaces for democratic conversations to reimagine education.

Bo Sun Kim Profile Photo

Bo Sun Kim

Capilano University

Bo Sun focuses her professional interests on teachers’ pedagogical dispositions and children’s relations with worlds through their narratives and artistic languages.

Cheryl Cameron Profile Photo

Cheryl Cameron

Vancouver Island University

Cheryl Cameron is committed to arts-based research in early childhood education as an activator of co-created curriculum. Cheryl is a sessional instructor interested in re-conceptualizations of mentor-student relationships within the practicum experience.

Karen Liska Profile Photo

Karen Liska

Northern Lights College

Karen advocates for and encourages educator growth in our many ways of knowing, being, and doing, and honours the importance of our connection to our place, space, and time.

Lesley Henderson Profile Photo

Lesley Henderson

North Island College

Lesley, an instructor in the faculty of early childhood education and care, was previously creator/director of Roseberry Preschool in Comox, engaging community in innovative project work.

Lindsay Lichty Profile Photo

Lindsay Lichty

Camosun College

Lindsay seeks to weave into her teaching practices her responsibility, as a visitor on unceded Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ territories, to the ancestral relations connecting the lands and all forms of life.

Michelle Pierce Profile Photo

Michelle Pierce

Selkirk College

Michelle works with students as they engage in reflective practice alongside their mentors in the ECE field.

Narda Nelson Profile Photo

Narda Nelson

University of Victoria, Child Care Services

Narda takes an interdisciplinary approach to research and practice with a particular interest in reimagining ethical futures with plant, animal, and waste flow relations in early childhood.

Vicky Roy Profile Photo

Vicky Roy

North Island College

In her role as instructor and pedagogist, Vicky is committed to unsettling what is assumed to be known about early childhood education, and to creating space and movement in educational practise.