I think one of the things for me that's really exciting and that brings me joy is knowing that there's now a voice for the rural and the Northern communities in British Columbia in a different way. Perhaps just a bringing of recognition to the voices of educators from communities and to say that their work matters in their context and in a situated way that [is] going to focus on pedagogy.

I think that's a very different space for those of us that are Northern educators than has been here previously. So I'm excited and very joyful to be a part of that process. And I'm excited to see where it transforms to.

Chelsea Hann

“[Pedagogist work is] making the shift that curriculum can be created, not just following the children, but also thinking about one’s own ethical commitments and not having to completely leave oneself at the door.”

Frances Smyth, Community Pedagogist

We think about what could be different… .[Working with the ECPN] has really shown us the need for what we do and the possibility that we have to make huge differences, but it's not a one and done kind of offering…[Y]ou don't ever finish pedagogy…[T]here is a definite change that's occurring and if it can change a [those] of us who have been in the field for quite a long time, imagine what this could do for somebody starting at the beginning of their career to be able to spend the next 30 years thinking with pedagogy.”

Karen Liska, PSI Pedagogist

I don’t really relate the pedagogy to the pandemic - the pandemic has infused every aspect of life now and...our pedagogist has been absolutely incredible in her program and her supports and versatility at continuing to engage with us despite the pandemic restrictions.  

Always Home Childcare Services, Northern Region

It is a great experience to have a pedagogist with us during this pandemic. We feel like we have somebody there with us even though, through virtual meetings, we still feel that whenever we need support, [our pedagogist] is there.

Physical distancing has not made such a huge impact. We appreciate [our pedagogist's] prompt responses and the effort and attention that she spends with us. Even through the pandemic, we can still learn and think together.  We still miss in-person visits and we wish that one day, when the pandemic is over, [our pedagogist] will be able to visit our centre.

Jing Zhang, Yukon Crescent Children’s Centre, Fraser Region

Working with our pedagogist...is in my opinion an essential part of the work we do at the Children's Center.  [Our pedagogist's] thoughtful, insightful and intentional guidance and provocation helps to inform and enrich our curriculum. [She] approaches her work with educators from a place of partnership and learning alongside one another.  

The pandemic has presented many challenges with the barriers it imposes and the physical distance that it puts between us.  We have tried to make commitments to be creative in this work with [our pedagogist] by virtual meetings and email or distanced conversations.  We are very much looking forward to when [she] can join us in the Children's Center again.

Nicole St. Laurent, Capilano University Children's Center

It is quite hard to meet during this pandemic times which is a struggle as relationships and connections are now usually virtual... .However, still being connected with a pedagogist makes a difference.

Educator, Vancouver Coastal Region

[Our pedagogist is]...evoking new perspectives and assisting with looking at deepening the early childhood education within our centre.

I think it helps to stay focused on the important pieces of ECE as the pandemic can easily distract from the educational tasks due to all the other cleaning and sanitizing components added to the workload.

Gudrun Andrews, KCS Early Learning Centre, Interior Region