Our pedagogist is supporting me, and my team of educators, to observe, listen, and reflect on our practices to make informed pedagogical choices and work together collaboratively.

We have reflected on what things are different due to the pandemic, and what things remain constant. It is very helpful to have our pedagogist, and the community of educators, to discuss challenges with, and reflect on our practices. It is a caring and supportive group with helpful comments and ideas.

Acorn Early Education Centre, Vancouver Coastal Region

I really appreciate [our pedagogist's] respectful acknowledgement of our views concerning Early Childhood Development and Care (ECDC), the knowledge she has imparted about this field and ability to mediate our often lively debates involving the educators at OCC.

The language [our pedagogist] uses in her discussion and the progressive considerations she has urged us to reflect on (e.g., decolonizing the field, supporting the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action) have encouraged us to be thoughtful, and keep current about what we should be offering children and families here. [Our pedagogist's] “outsider” perspective has also aided, for example, by clarifying terminology, and emphasizing societal obligations to resolve conflict between us educators or at least help us better understand the rationale behind a contentious belief.  

Catriona "Cat" Black, Our Children's Centre, Vancouver Island Region

[Our pedagogist is] offering new ways to think and work with young children. Although many aspects of our lives are put "on hold" due to the pandemic, I really appreciate this opportunity to grow in my practice and personally.

Susanne Mah, Gan Yeladim Daycare, Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Region

[Our pedagogist] has been working collaboratively with us since November. She has been providing me opportunities that I can think about pedagogical possibilities and where I can begin.

Sometimes, the converstion was complicated...or challenging my thinking. But it really helped me to think deeper and push myself to re-start, re-learn or un-learn as an ECE once again. I truly appreciate every moment with [our pedagogist]. She is amazing!  [I] feel connected and supported.

During the pandemic, we have been really focused on safety and health of our children, families and educators which are our no.1 priority. However, there are the lack of opportunities and some challenges for myself/other educators to think pedagogically and bring it back in practice. After starting working with [our pedagogist], I'm starting to enjoy the process of thinking and planning. 

Kate, Kiwassa Neighbourhood House Childcares, Vancouver Coastal Region

[Our pedagogist] is fantastic and I feel that having these discussions with someone who has a different perspective helps us to see things differently.  It really makes us think deeper of our work.

Deer Lake East Preschool, Fraser Region

[Our pedagogist is supporting us in] reviewing the ELF /reflecting on what we have learned/revisiting our values and intentions.

It is helping us work as a team /connecting with other professionals/ reviewing ELF/someone to talk to.

Kiwassa Variety Club Daycare, Vancouver Coastal Region