I think one of the things for me that's really exciting and that brings me joy is knowing that there's now a voice for the rural and the Northern communities in British Columbia in a different way. Perhaps just a bringing of recognition to the voices of educators from communities and to say that their work matters in their context and in a situated way that [is] going to focus on pedagogy.

I think that's a very different space for those of us that are Northern educators than has been here previously. So I'm excited and very joyful to be a part of that process. And I'm excited to see where it transforms to.

Chelsea Hann

“[Pedagogist work is] making the shift that curriculum can be created, not just following the children, but also thinking about one’s own ethical commitments and not having to completely leave oneself at the door.”

Frances Smyth, Community Pedagogist

We think about what could be different… .[Working with the ECPN] has really shown us the need for what we do and the possibility that we have to make huge differences, but it's not a one and done kind of offering…[Y]ou don't ever finish pedagogy…[T]here is a definite change that's occurring and if it can change a [those] of us who have been in the field for quite a long time, imagine what this could do for somebody starting at the beginning of their career to be able to spend the next 30 years thinking with pedagogy.”

Karen Liska, PSI Pedagogist