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The Role of the Early Childhood Educator in British Columbia

Posted On: Mar 1, 2022

"View ECEBC's position paper on the Role of the Early Childhood Educator in British Columbia. This position paper is a visionary document that disrupts and reinvents the traditional language of early childhood education. In doing so, it is intended to shift dominant narratives of early education and inspire thoughtful dialogues with early childhood educators about the lively potentialities of their evolving role." (ECEBC, 2022)

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Early childhood educator challenges

The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn

Posted On: Jan 20, 2022

Early childhood educators say workers are leaving the field en masse as burnout continues to plague the sector. We hear from the Chair of the School of Education and Childhood Studies at Capilano University.

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BC's Path to Universal Child Care: Episode #3

Posted On: Dec 2, 2021

In Episode 3 of Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre's BC's Path to Universal Child Care Podcast, Gyda Chud welcomes ECPN co-directors Kathleen Kummen and Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw and community pedagogist Teresa Smith to discuss how pedagogists support educators to co-construct curriculum with children and bring to life the vision of the BC Early Learning Framework. 

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Bill 14, 2021: What else might this legislation generate for the field of early childhood education in BC?

Posted On: Nov 25, 2021

On October 27, 2021, two new pieces of early learning and child care legislation were enshrined in British Columbia law. Putting political intention into formal legislation is an important step in holding government and policy makers accountable for promises made. But, how we enact the new legislation will determine the strength or weakness of the system we continue building together with early childhood education educators throughout the province. What else might this legislation generate for the field of early childhood education in BC?

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ECPN Call to Action Regarding the Confirmation of More Burial Sites at Residential Confinement Institutions

A Call for an Ongoing Commitment to the TRUTH and ACTION

Posted On: Jul 2, 2021

Indigenous peoples were, and continue to be, criminalised and targeted for removal from the land and their communities, but we are all inheritors of a national educational system founded on genocidal practices and participants in resisting and/or perpetuating ongoing process of colonial indoctrination and violence.

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